Palermo, 21-year-old man beaten by three people arrested: he is accused of sexual assault

He was beaten by three people after leaving the hair salon on May 9, in what appears to be a criminal episode linked to nightlife. Palermo investigators discovered that the beating victim was not chosen at random. The 21-year-old young man was followed and then attacked during a punitive expedition after an alleged sexual assault. It is for this reason that Deputy Prosecutor Clio Di Guardo, who is part of the pool of magistrates of the “weak groups” department, requested and obtained a provisional detention order from the judge of the preliminary investigations which was carried out last week . The 21-year-old young man is currently incarcerated in Pagliarelli prison for sexual assault. The ambush was allegedly organized by the father and brother of the alleged victim, as well as a third person who has not yet been identified. Once the police identified the attackers, it was the girl's father who confessed what had happened. The girl was allegedly raped after an evening spent in a club in Palermo. The 21-year-old young man had been severely beaten and, still dazed, was rescued by 118 health workers. At the hospital, doctors gave him a prognosis of 20 days, but he asked to go home and signed his certificate. resignation from hospital.

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