But what did Rishi Sunak and Giorgia Meloni say to each other while shaking hands at the G7?

There is a photo that is going viral on the first day of the G7 in Borgo Egnazia, Puglia. It shows Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and her English colleague, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, joking. At one point, Meloni makes a surprised face. The moment lasts a few seconds, as shown in this video from Telegraph. A few seconds, which nevertheless become very popular online.

Many, Italians and not, fantasize about the words spoken between the two. There are those who speak of a rejected kiss, those who loveIndependent he only talks about jokes between the two, while those who do already produce memes about the Prime Minister.

What is certain is that Rishi Sunak welcomed the Italian Prime Minister with a warm hug during the welcoming ceremony of the G7 summit. The British Prime Minister, according to Telegraph, is set to announce an extra £250 million for Ukraine and urge world leaders to do whatever it takes to defeat Russia. The two priorities of the summit will be support for kyiv and guaranteeing peace in the Middle East. Sunak, the English newspaper explains, will announce funding of up to 242 million pounds for Ukraine's humanitarian, energy and stabilization needs. He will also try to convince leaders to mobilize billions of euros from linked Russian assets to support Ukraine. And he will declare: “We must be decisive and creative in our efforts to support Ukraine and end Putin's illegal war at this critical moment. The UK remains at the forefront of the international response, as it has been from the start. We must move from “as long as it takes” to “whatever it takes” if we are to end this illegal war. » “From Ukraine to the Middle East, we will discuss important global threats at the summit. These threats are why it is vital to strengthen the UK's national defence, through our commitment to dedicate 2.5% of GDP to defense by 2030″, he will underline, according to the TelegraphSunak.

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