After more than a billion euros spent by the Kremlin for his re-election, after the exclusion of opposing candidates – in addition to those “eliminated”, the obvious winner of the presidential election, Vladimir Putin, spoke for the first time in public, and on several occasions after avoiding him for years, the name of Navalny. According to the journalist's testimonies Financial Times, Max Sedonthe last time the Russian leader said his opponent's name was in 2013, but not in public and not even on camera.

The Twitter/X account of the independent Russian media The insider reports the transcription of the brief speech on Navalny, highlighting a detail on Vladimir Putin's face: “He could not hold back his smile”. At the press conference held after this clear victory, he said that other cases of deaths of “people deprived of liberty” had also been recorded in other countries, such as the United States. He further recounts an alleged story that concerns him: “A few days before Navalny’s death, colleagues, not members of the administration, spoke to me about the idea of ​​exchanging him with people detained in the West. The person speaking to me hadn't finished the sentence yet, but I responded, “I agree.” But unfortunately, what happened happened. »

Meanwhile, as reported Kevin Rothrock Russian independent media MeduzaPutin's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov reportedly addressed Yulia Navalnaya (referring to her as a “woman from New York”), saying that she could have come to Russia, but that she “preferred” to stay at home. stranger.

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