Lilian Thuram and racist policies in France: “They change their name to pretend”

Lilian Thuram, world champion with France in 1998, today works for anti-racist education. And in an interview given to Corriere della Sera talks about France, the dissolution of the National Assembly and the progress of Marine Le Pen. “First of all, I would start by saying that it is not us, as President Macron says, who called for the dissolution of the National Assembly. It was a request from the far right, and it's interesting to see to what extent it now dictates the agenda,” said the former defender. Who then criticized Macron, who said that we should not be afraid of democracy: “He says this to justify an individual choice which surprised everyone, even the ministers of his government. If we are in this situation, it is solely and strictly by his will.”

Macron and Marine Le Pen

And he goes on the attack: “I wonder how it is possible for the President of the Republic to take such a decision alone. Is it possible to leave the power to make such an important choice to one person? »And this “because those who have a lot of power can end up abusing it”. Thuram then speaks of the National Rally, which he calls by its old name: “It’s the National Front, it’s the extreme right. Sometimes you change your name to make people think they have changed their concepts and to make them forget who they really are. They are always the ones who talk about “us” and “them”. And he says he gets angry “when I hear about an outcry against the far right, I find it very hypocritical. Every day, for years, on television and radio, I have heard Islamophobic and racist speeches. And the vast majority of political parties in France make speeches of this type or at least do not contest them. And it’s worse.”

The government

Because politics attacks “people who want to open dialogue, denounce racism, religious intolerance and the violence of certain speeches which affect the weakest in society, tell stories from another point of view, are called anti-racists” – white people. , I woke up. ” Thuram explains that it is very important to understand what the far right is not saying: “When they use expressions like 'they are not part of our civilization,' when they identify immigration as the cause problems in France, when she mentions Judeo -Christian roots, awaken the white category He doesn't say it, but you have to read it between the lines: it's perhaps easier for me, because I am. facing racism for many years. They continually create an “us” and a “them”, and they are the ones who create problems.

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