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One Ocean Week arrives in Milan, a week of meetings and initiatives on the ocean side. From June 3 to 9, events, conferences and educational workshops will be organized in different areas of the city to raise public awareness of the value of marine ecosystems. An important summit with academics and personalities of international caliber will be organized by Bocconi University. But here is the full schedule of all events, designed to engage participants of all ages.

Here is A Milan Ocean Week 2024. After the success of previous editions, the initiative designed and promoted by One Ocean Foundation – returns this year from June 3 to 9. It will be a special week of events, conferences and educational workshops, with the aim of promoting knowledge and awareness among younger generations, businesses and the general public of the extraordinary value of marine ecosystems and the fundamental role that each of us plays in their protection. . By clicking Here you can find the full program of events.

‍Program activities will be structured around three important macro-themes.

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The themes of this edition

The first theme is the economy. THE Blue Economy Summit intends to highlight the importance of safeguarding and restoring blue natural capital and the need to increase and direct investments and the global economy to protect and restore marine ecosystems. The second theme is Science. Workshops and meetings with scientists are planned to promote the importance of water and raise awareness of the need to protect it as a precious and essential resource for life. Third theme, the Culture: the myth of the ocean is celebrated as life during the cultural activities of the event, represented in various artistic forms: from literature to art, including music and photography.

Economy: the Blue Economy Summit at Bocconi University

From Tuesday June 4 in the Aula Magna ofBocconi University from Milan (via G. Röntgen 1, from 9 a.m.) will be held on Blue Economy Summit. An international conference which will bring together leaders from the world of science, economics, institutions and finance to discuss current state of the ocean and on the urgent need to build a blue economy.

For the second year in a row, internationally renowned figures – from the world of economics and finance to academia, from civil society to government – will come together for a full-day summit to discuss the state current ocean and emergency. mobilize more financial resources to protect and restore blue natural capital. Read the list of personalities who will participate in the event here.

The Summit aims to promote initiatives dedicated to Blue economy and foster the formation of partnerships to stimulate collaborations and innovative strategies, producing tangible solutions to safeguard the health of the ocean and marine ecosystems. In 2024, the Blue Economy Summit will focus on: the importance of developing a solid strategy Blue Capital Markets; the evolution of innovative technologies for the ocean; the problem of biodiversity loss; the need for a more resilient water supply system; new opportunities in the blue economy.

Events in the city

In addition to Bocconi, “oceanic” themed events are planned throughout the city. There are many meeting points: the Milan Triennale, viale Alemagna 6; the Civic Aquarium, viale Gadio; Via Gesù, fashion quadrilateral; San Carlo Square, historic center; Darsena, Piazza XXIV Maggio, Civic Museum of Natural History, Corso Venezia 55; Milan Water Plant, Piazza Diocleziano 5.

By clicking HERE you will discover ALL EVENTS. You can also view the schedule below.

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