The new DOVE London Guide is on newsstands from Friday April 12, priced €8.90. An unmissable opportunity to capture the best of one of the world's most fascinating cities: 196 pages on everything there is to discover in the metropolis, including new neighborhoods, art, restaurants and pubs, hotels, parks, nightlife and shopping. A valuable tool for navigating between ancient glories and current innovations.

The city where everything changes

The guide is divided into chapters that explore all aspects of the city. There are the great classics, the obligatory stops and the unmissable places, the walks not to be missed to discover the most fascinating green spaces, the stops in the traditional shopping districts, a dive into gastronomy with tastings of cuisines of all kinds. the planet.

As you travel through it, you can choose stops at the capital's elegant hotels, where you can breathe in history, night excursions to clubs at the top of the music scene, and the best waterfront routes, the along the Thames, by boat and on foot, between great highlights and bustling neighborhoods.

Between past and future

And then we get to the heart of the matter with a tour of the neighborhoods. It starts with The City and Holborn, with the futuristic skyscrapers and historic buildings transformed into luxury shopping centers, ending with the new architecture of Greenwich and its surroundings, passing through the historic center, through the fascinating Bloomsbury, crossing Kensington and Paddington among parks and noble residences, small jewelry museums and historic markets.

Pure energy

The guide talks about Chiswick and its surroundings, the westernmost districts, true bucolic oases of water and greenery. You walk from Hackney to Canary Wharf, where, between street art and new clubs, the new frontier of creativity is taking shape. A recommended route from Elephant & Castle to Tower Bridge reveals a river of beauty: from the symbolic bridge to the London Eye on the south bank of the river, wonders old and new pass by. There's also plenty to see between Battersea and Peckham, where the reclamation of the old power station has revitalized a whole area.

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Useful information

The guide is completed with valuable and essential practical information, which is abundant in helping you easily conquer the city. What documents are needed, how to get there, how to get around the city, what applications to download for orientation and information.

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