“Today, with great regret, I have chosen to cancel the planned conference at the Federico II University of Naples on Mediterranean issues, in consideration of the risks to public security caused by a small group of demonstrators.” From the home page of The Republic, the director of the Roman newspaper Maurizio Molinari explains why he canceled his participation at the University of Campania after the protest of a group of students from the Student Network for Palestine. Among the themes of the protest, the situation of the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip and the coverage of events in this area by the newspaper headed by Molinari. “How is it possible to invite above all the director of one of the openly Zionist Italian newspapers to find himself in such a situation?” the students asked. The morning. Students demonstrated in front of the Faculty of Engineering, Polytechnic and Fundamental Sciences, in the Fuorigrotta district, and tension remained high. The journalist therefore decided to no longer participate in the meeting, explaining however that he was open to dialogue. “After canceling the event, I offered to meet with these protesters and listen to their opinions on the ongoing war in the Middle East and any other issues they wanted, but unfortunately they declined, saying that they were not interested in meeting and talking. for me,” he wrote in his open letter. Molinari explains that the invitation to discuss with those who challenge it is always valid, and then concludes: “The best response to any form of intolerance is respect for others.” In the evening, the director of the newspaper received numerous messages of sympathy from all political sides, including from the Quirinal.

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