When, on March 5, the carabinieri arrested two Russian women in the Milanese hinterland for a routine check, they certainly did not expect to find 8 gold bars and three million euros in cash. The two men, who were arrested, had attracted the attention of the military because they had been seen receiving a bag from a 52-year-old Turkish man. They were in the car, while the man was on foot: the exchange took place through the window. Inside the envelope were a few wads of bank notes, but the two women claimed to be unaware of this lucrative content. However, they did not open the bag once received, nor ask the man in question any questions. One theorized that since the other woman had a clothing store, she thought there were fabrics there.

The sums

The fact is that the checks carried out in the houses and/or placed on the cars of the three revealed 50 thousand euros, two million and 587 thousand euros, 270 thousand Swiss francs, 589 thousand euros, 14 thousand American dollars. , plus eight gold bars weighing between one hundred grams and two and a half ounces. In total calculation, write the Mail, we must add the 14 thousand euro notes which had been burned, half destroyed, torn. Additionally, the confiscated material includes “notebooks containing handwritten figures attributable to sums of money running into the millions”, as well as notebook pages and notes containing notes on the movements of the bundles of notes. Since then, in accordance with practice, other heritage surveys have been carried out among family members and those close to them. The Turk's lawyer, Alexandro Maria Tirelli, however clarified: “We must not forget a fundamental principle: it is the prosecution which must demonstrate the illicit origin. We know everything is in order, we will prove it soon.”

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