Ladispoli, the principal who expelled the 6-year-old from school has been suspended

The Lazio regional school office suspended Riccardo Agresti. The director of the Corrado Melone Institute in Ladispoli had expelled a 6-year-old child suffering from attention disorders and hyperactivity from school. In his place, the Office appointed a regent. The inspection of the school was ordered by the Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara. The suspension was contested by the parents and overturned by the Lazio Regional Administrative Court, the child returned to school but was later suspended again. The media uproar surrounding the case led Agresti himself to intervene: “I am going to appeal to the labor judge. I am sure and I trust the inspectors that they will do their job, as they already do, and that they will bring the truth,” he toldHandle. Agresti speaks of a “strange and exaggerated fury” and hypothesizes: “If there is a criminal complaint, my lawyer will protect me. But if it's a school process and that's it… it's clear that someone wants me to leave the school.” Also because “the communication was very confidential, and yet it came out while none of the schools had opened the mail.” “One of my criminal offenses was brought to light, that of not having implemented the decision of the TAR. But I repeat, as I have already said, I do not “I wasn't aware of it. The TAR's decision had been taken the day before afternoon, while the school was closed,” he adds. To conclude that the next morning “the post office was open after the children's entry time”.

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