Matteo Renzi is not the richest in Parliament, although with the 2023 tax declaration he came close, remaining in the lead for several weeks. But then came the tax declaration of the Northern League deputy Antonio Angelucci who, for only 117 thousand euros, climbed to the highest step of the podium. Angelucci is accustomed to high tax returns, having always been an entrepreneur: he is considered the king of private health with the Tosinvest group and is also an important publisher, holding control of Free, The newspaper And Time. He declared income of 3,334,000 euros, surpassing Renzi's declaration of 3,217,000 euros. However, the leader of Italia Viva remains the richest in the Senate. Behind him is the senator for life Renzo Piano with 2 million and 901 thousand euros. Third place for Giulia Bongiorno (also among the last to publish her 2023 declaration), with 2 million and 748 thousand euros.

Berlusconi's latest assessment

Angelucci conquers for the first time the title of richest in the Palace, despite his 2022 tax declaration of 4 million and 581 thousand euros, or 1 million and 247 thousand euros more than that which earned him first place in the ranking. But the previous year – even if the declaration was published on the Senate website after his death – the prize of the richest had fallen for the umpteenth time to Silvio Berlusconi, who had declared 17 million and 698 thousand euros: his last income that he was able to learn about Italian taxation. A sum which will probably not be exceeded by the other Scrooges of the Palace during this legislature.

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