It's a clash between John Elkann and the editorial staff of Door to door, Italy's best-known talk show hosted by Bruno Vespa. The Stellantis president's lawyers – Paolo Siniscalchi, Federico Cecconi and Carlo Re – filed the complaint after a cameraman flew a drone over Elkann's house in Turin to film footage. An episode described as “an unjustifiable intrusion into the private life of our client, also carried out by state television”. It is for this reason that Elkann's lawyers announced the filing of a complaint “against all those responsible” and warn the editorial staff of Door to door “to repeat similar behaviors, as well as to use in any way any image thus obtained.” That's not all: the three lawyers speak of a “climate of media aggression” towards the Elkann family – the echoes of Giorgia Meloni's attacks against Stellantis are not far away – which, according to them, would have now beyond the “boundaries of the right to report and criticism.”

Hence the mandate received from their clients to “protect their reputation through appropriate legal initiatives, warning anyone against the dissemination of false and defamatory articles and press releases”. The Elkann editorial team responded quickly to the Elkanns' note Door to door. The filmmaker who found himself at the center of the trial, specifies the Rai program, “has a regular flight license” and “stopped filming after the invitation from the security of the Elkann house”. But the Turin family's lawyers can be reassured: “These images have not been broadcast and will not be.” Even if the Vespa team would like to emphasize that: “the Privacy Guarantor has clarified that the use of images taken by drones for journalistic purposes is authorized even without the consent of the interested parties, without prejudice to obvious precautions such as do not film people, license plates and other identification elements.

Cover photo: EPA/Salvatore Di Nolfi | John Elkann, president of Stellantis, during a conference at Cern in Geneva, Switzerland (October 7, 2023)

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