Lecco, falls into the water while canyoning: a 33-year-old Milanese dies

A 33-year-old man died today, Saturday May 18, after a fall while practicing canyoning in the Vezio Valley area, where the Esino stream flows, in the province of Lecco. Some friends and his girlfriend who accompanied him managed to get him out of the water, but the young man had already been underwater for four minutes and was in cardiac arrest. Health workers, who arrived on site with the Alpine group from Lecco, firefighters, an ambulance and a medical vehicle from Bellano, resuscitated him for a long time on the river bed. He was then taken to hospital by air ambulance, where he died shortly after admission.

The man, originally from the Milanese hinterland, wrote theHandle, had arrived this morning on the Esino stream to go canyoning. Near a waterfall, with his friends and his partner, he lowered himself with a rope and arrived near a pool which only partially allowed a stop. Indeed, very strong whirlpools had been created nearby in the water due to the high flow of water after the rains of the last few days. The 33-year-old is said to have left the “safest” part of the pool to move to the next and was thus sucked into the vortex. The deputy mayor of Perledo, Mauro Gumina, also arrived at the scene of the accident. In the region, enthusiasts often try canyoning “even if these days, after the heavy rains, the water level is much higher than usual”, he explained to the Press Agency.

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