“Fourteen years ago, I chose to have an abortion. Today I am a mother, I chose to be a mother.” The deputy of the 5 Star Movement Gilda Sportiello thus began her speech yesterday in Montecitorio on the application of the Pnrr decree which opens clinics to pro-life associations. “It was important to say it out loud, in Parliament, so that no woman in the same situation would be ashamed,” she added last June, the images of Sportiello breastfeeding her baby in the House. were published in all the newspapers yesterday, after the end of his speech, someone shouted to him: “And are you coming to tell us about it in court?” tower of chamomile”.

Right and shame, secret and taboo

Sportiello speaks today in an interview with The imprint: “I thought about what a woman might feel right now who is faced with the decision to seek an abortion, who wants to go to a clinic, who is afraid and doesn't know what to expect. How can she feel facing a government that seems to be her enemy, when the right to abortion is actually being called into question? I felt the need to combat the discourse according to which those who make this choice should be ashamed, should keep it secret, as if it were a taboo. Talking about it in the House was important, necessary. And that's how it is, because many women who feel represented write to me.” The deputy says that it is not true that the rule serves to fully apply law 194: “We have been hearing for days repeat this lie. The logic is enough: if the law on abortion already provided for it, why write a new rule within a decree which is also called Pnrr Obviously the text does not concern pro-life volunteers? we want to open the door to the right, as also demonstrated by the decision to vote against my agenda.”

Convincing women to abort

The deputy adds that the M5 asked “to prevent ideological people from being part of the “maternity support associations” cited by their amendment in clinics, which do not protect the rights of those who want to initiate an termination of pregnancy. They rejected it. And it clearly shows that they really want anti-abortion people in the establishments. Nowhere in Article 194 does it say that women must be persuaded not to have an abortion.” Finally, he explains why he proposed a law to enshrine the right to abortion in the Constitution: “In the resolution approved a few days ago by the European Parliament on the recognition of abortion as a fundamental right, there is a passage in which it is declared that Italy is a country where this right is experiencing erosion. a process that was already underway before this amendment.”

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