Let's stop thinking of tourists and migrants as two parallel universes, who never meet and should not know each other. The taboo exists naturally, but Italy is historically a country of significant migration, internal and external, and the territories, in particular those where depopulation is a real problem, need to rebuild their memory to find often lost roots and they may never be found again. This is the message behind the 16th edition of IT.A.CÀ Migrants and Travelers – Responsible Tourism Festival, which makes us reflect every year, from May to November, on the potential of the conscious traveler. Indeed, if the first is too often considered as carrying immediate added value, to be collected as quickly as possible, the second is perceived, mainly by the communities which should welcome and integrate it, as a problem and not as a problem. A resource. , even cultural.

The memory of the roots

The theme of the 2024 festival, “Roots in motion“, aims precisely to dispel prejudices and to offer a more enlightened point of view on the history of our people and to provide some essential elements of knowledge of the territories that we live or pass through during our local travels. “We want to explore this theme by trying to keep together the global and the local, the exotic and the backyard, the nostos of the epic myth and the great curiosity for the future”, he explains Pierluigi Musarò, co-founder of IT.A.CÀ. “We have been approaching the theme of memory for years, always expressing it in a different way: after the community stories, we saw how the theme of roots was at the heart of the personal history of each territory. And movement, back or forward or both, at the basis of all stories”, he echoes Sonia Brégoliresponsible for the national network, which today includes more than 700 local, national and international entities.

A festival in 14 stages

For the IT.A.CÀ network, which means in Bolognese dialect are you at home?, the perfect journey is always circular, a movement that starts from home and arrives at home, to any house, to any Ithaca to arrive where the route and the journey still matter. There are a total of fourteen, in seven regions, the 2024 stages of the traveling event, which opened at the beginning of May on Monte Catria, in Marche, and will continue until the beginning of November.

The next steps are:

Quartu S. Elena and the Gulf of Angelsin Sardinia, from June 20 to 30.

Valnerina and Spoletana Valleyin Umbria, from August 9 to 11 and from August 23 to 25

Panaro Valley – Spilamberto, Guiglia and Savignano S/Pin Emilia-Romagna, from August 24 to September 1.

Ogliastrain Sardinia, from September 13 to 22.

Bologna and the Apenninesfrom September 13 to October 13.

Palermofrom September 20 to 22.

Brescia and its valleysfrom September 26 to 30.

Mantua, Sabbioneta and the Gonzaga landsfrom September 27 to October 6.

RavennaOctober 5 and 6 and October 12 and 13.

The Sibillini Mountains National Parkin the Marche region, from October 10 to 13.

Pavia and Oltrepò Pavesefrom October 10 to 13.

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The Aeolian Islandsfrom October 18 to 20.

Taranto and Terre de Gravinefrom November 1 to 3.

Info: festivalitaca.net

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