You write it Lika-Senj and is pronounced “beauty”. It is the natural charm of the least densely populated region of Croatiawhich overlooks the Adriatic at the same latitude as Ravenna and which extends inland to the borders of Bosnia Herzegovina.

It is in this territory, which extends over a little over five thousand square kilometers, that two of the major attractions are located, destination for a constant flow of visitors, but always in balance with respect for the environment. This is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a world heritage siteUNESCO, well known since the 1950s, and the Northern Velebit National Park, a very popular mountain park for hiking, wildlife watching and spectacular views of the Adriatic coast and islands. These two jewels would be enough to qualify a region which in reality offers many other wonders to those who are about to discover it on a journey in the name of authenticity, between nature, sport, history and culture, including wine and gastronomy, in outside of the most obvious routes of old Europe.

From the wonders of the subsoil to those of the coast, all the charm of the county of Lika-Senj

Many of us know the incomparable images of interconnected lakes, waterfalls and lush forests that characterize the experience of Plitvicebut experience them at a slow pace, immersed in nature, discovering even the harshest landscapes of the Velebita paradise of condensed biodiversity in the extraordinary collection of its Botanical Garden in the open air, at more than 1400 meters above sea level, it is an emotion that remains indelible. For sports enthusiasts and lovers of active holidays, an obligatory stop is the Gacka Riverpartially underground, which in the emerged part allows you to practice fishing and kayaking in complete safety, with a very green and uncontaminated landscape in the background.

The wonders of Parco delle are entirely underground and can be explored with guided tours Grabovaca Cavesin the locality Perusic, with its extraordinary limestone formations, large caves and deep streams. Once on the coast, a stop in the picturesque seaside town of Senj, famous for the fortress and its legends. Among the most spectacular stops on this part of the coast is the Zavratnica Bay, with its crystal clear waters, secluded beaches and panoramic cliffs. The palate has its share too: from fresh seafood caught along the coast to lamb dishes flavored with traditional spices, each dish tells a story of heritage and passion.

Everyone on the move: the triumph of slow vacations

HAS Smiljanbirthplace of Nikola Tesla, a few kilometers from Gospicthanks to the house museum with interactive visits dedicated to the great Croatian physicist and inventor (1856-1953), it is possible to discover the fundamentals of his theoretical work and the patents resulting from his genius for applied sciences in various fields, starting by electricity.

Finally, on the enchanter Island of Pag, Novalja it is an idyllic coastal town that attracts travelers for its fascinating mix of natural beauty, cultural heritage, gastronomic variety and Mediterranean atmosphere, and which boasts spectacular beaches and a vibrant nightlife; during Monat the extreme tip of the island, offers a peaceful escape in the middle of ancient olive groves, centuries-old witnesses of local life.

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Also awaiting lovers of walks in nature, the new edition of Croatian Walking Festival (August 31 and September 1, 2024), organized by the association of the same name and the Tourist Office of the Lika-Senj department. The venue of the event are the centers of Gospic And Otočac, with three itineraries each that also include transportation between the two locations for members. For a totally sustainable slow holiday, to be enjoyed in close contact with nature.


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