In Stagno bookstores, GIANMARIA's first novel: “I want to write books, I want to start as an author”. The interview

Is titled Pond the first novel by Gianmaria Volpato, 21 years old from Vicenza, better known to the general public simply as GIANMARIA, one of the most appreciated and followed singer-songwriters of his generation. The path started from X factor and continued outside where he managed, in today's difficult discography, to assert himself until first achieving victory in Sanremo Giovani and then a place in the big section. As he said in the interview with Openover the next six months the focus shifted to literature, one of his always dreams, finally realized today, “I want to write books – he reveals – it’s not a novel singer as there are so many coming out, I want to launch myself as an author”. Protagonist of Pond he is Italo, a provincial boy with a strange relationship to aesthetics, that of the province itself, always described in an engaging manner, finding a certain poetic even in the most depressing images. The aesthetics of the mother and all the characters who populate this stifling microcosm. And then also his own aesthetic, because Italo experiences with deep discomfort his own sculptural but disheveled beauty. A merciless, frank and honest vision of a place rather than a life, in which time passes like crazy without anything really happening and Italo seems to be the only one to realize it.

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