Filippo Turetta, the confession during interrogation: “I had already been violent with Giulia”. The broken knife in the murder then the crisis

There had been a precedent of violence between Filippo Turetta and his ex-girlfriend Giulia Cecchettin, before he killed her with several dozen stab wounds. The 21-year-old himself declared this during his interrogation last December before Venice prosecutor Andrea Petroni (new details of which have emerged in recent hours): “Maybe at the end of October we were a little more upset than usual. — Turetta told the prosecutor, according to reports Corriere della Sera — talk about the reasons why we broke up (…). I was very angry and slapped her on the thigh. At that moment we were in a parking lot in Padua, in front of an ice cream parlor. She immediately got out of the car and left. »

“I told him I would kill myself.”

It wasn't the only time: “One time we talked about leaving each other and at one point she wanted to leave.” I grabbed his arm to stop him,” continued Turetta. The violence was not only physical, but also verbal: “There were some violent arguments around March, notably by SMS – Turetta continues during the interrogation – Having failed an important exam, I started to write to her to ask her to help me revise, but she did not want because she had other commitments. I told her that yes. I didn't pass the exam, I would commit suicide. I even uttered a few insults because I couldn't control my anger, I told her “fucking bitch, stupid” and also “listen, I can't do it. It doesn't happen, I'll get hurt.”

The night of the murder

In the shorthand of the statements made by Turetta last December 1, the moments immediately preceding the murder are also mentioned. That November evening, Giulia had just returned from a shopping trip: she had gone to the mall to choose clothes for the diploma she was due to obtain the following week. Filippo offered to take her home. A first attack took place in Vigonovo, 150 meters from the young woman's home. “We were – Turetta explains to the prosecutor – in a parking lot near his house. Other times we parked there when I took her home so we wouldn't park under her house so she wouldn't see us. »

The escape attempt

From this car, Giulia tried to escape. In vain. “Before getting out of the car, I took a knife out of the back pocket of the driver's seat and ran after her – Turetta said – and grabbed her by the arm. She screamed “help” and fell. I leaned over her, hit her on the arm and the knife broke. He hit his head. I put her in the back seat. While we were in the car, she started saying to me, “What are you doing? You are crazy? Let me go””.

Mobile phone

The fatal shots took place in the industrial zone of Fossò. After inflicting the blows, Turetta got rid of the incriminating knife. But after loading the body of the currently dying Giulia into the car, the car remained stopped on the road for 2-3 minutes. Indeed, the murderer, according to his statements, was not able to find the young girl's cell phone. “I threw the knife, his phone and my tablet shortly after Fossò, in a small ditch in a side street.” The computer, however, “I placed it outside the car, in a street in Aviano.” Turetta also recounts having attempted suicide: “I was even ready to suffocate myself with a bag. But I couldn't do it and snatched it at the last moment.”

Photo: Quarto Grado, Rete4

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