FI proposal for maternity: “A thousand euros per month for women who renounce abortion”

Assistance of a thousand euros per month to those who renounce the termination of pregnancy. This is Forza Italia's proposal to encourage motherhood, contained in a bill that will be presented next week (but whose content Maurizio Gasparri, group leader of FI senators, has already anticipated). THE Corriere della Sera explains that this “maternity income” would last five years, and wants to support those who are considering abortion for economic reasons. The contribution is reserved for Italian women, residing in Italy and with an ISEE of less than 15 thousand euros per year. The resources would come from a fund of 600 million specifically created at the Ministry of Economy.

The text

THE Mail reports some passages of the bill, which specifies that “the counseling center and the socio-health structure, in addition to having to guarantee the necessary medical checks, have the task, when the request for termination of pregnancy is motivated by economic or social conditions, to examine with the woman the possible solutions to the problems, to help her eliminate the causes that would lead to the termination of the pregnancy”. The objective is therefore “to improve the economic condition of women”.

“Current measures? Insufficient”

Currently, couples who are considering having children are already entitled to certain state aid and bonuses. However, according to Gasparri, “these measures are not enough to stem the recourse to voluntary termination of pregnancy for reasons of economic and social difficulties. It is therefore necessary to mobilize resources and identify solutions to support pregnant women in order to discourage abortions linked to causes of economic and social difficulties.”

The reactions

The idea of ​​FI quickly sparked discussion. According to Cecilia D'Elia, senator of the Democratic Party, this is “pure propaganda aimed at women, especially from those who have suppressed the citizen's income.” The choice of women must be respected and not induced by economic considerations. » Alessandra Maiorino, deputy leader of the M5 group in the Senate, echoed this point: “The abolition of citizenship income has led to 6 million extremely poor people in Italy. Instead, Gasparri believes he is buying into women's right to self-determination. »

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