Ilaria Salis, the hug between friends and the first post after returning to Italy: “An indescribable joy, from tomorrow I am preparing to become a Member of the European Parliament”

Ilaria Salis returned home yesterday after 16 endless months of detention in Hungary. But until Sunday evening, she had prudently kept away from any public appearance or comment: too much fatigue, the need to reorganize her ideas, the urgency to reassemble the puzzle of affections above all. For another 24 hours, his father Roberto served as his “shield” and public spokesperson, who also spoke on his behalf today at the Italian Left Party in Milan. Today, the day after her long-awaited return to Monza, the new MEP breaks the public silence. He does so with a publication on his recently opened Instagram account, to finally share the joy of returning to Italy. “I’m finally back home!” The joy of seeing my loved ones again in person and sharing our lives again is indescribable,” writes Salis, sharing a photo in which he appears smiling with a group of friends at home. His thoughts are therefore divided between the recomposition of affections and the profession – brand new – which now awaits him, that of MEP. “This week, I want to devote myself above all to this and I will begin to prepare with seriousness and determination for this new adventure. the great trust you have placed in me. “At this moment, my communication will not be marked by the times and media needs – finally says the forty-year-old (birthday Monday) – We will speak to you soon!”.

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