Meloni on Gaza: “Israel is falling into Hamas’ trap.” Hit Russia with NATO weapons? “There is no reasonable necessity”

Countdown to the European Championships on Saturday and Sunday, and Giorgia Meloni, returned from Albania for the meeting in Shengjin with Edi Rama, is back on television. This time on La7, guest on the news program hosted by Enrico Mentana. It's time to make a few jokes about his appearance on the network belonging to Urbano Cairo, targeted only a few days ago in a controversial advertisement (“I limited myself to addressing certain presenters of La7, I think that it is my right, but my presence here shows that I am always available to discuss”, assures the Prime Minister), then a space for political news. Internal and international. A comment on the event of the day is necessary, the descent of Riccardo Magi in front of the building under construction for the migrants who will be transferred to Albania, which ended in a heated argument with the Prime Minister. “I have been in the opposition a lot, but I would never have thought of making a gesture when a Prime Minister was with his counterpart,” writes Meloni, according to whom this is obviously “a problem facing the left is not faced very often. “. As for the exaggerations of her camp, the Prime Minister reiterates her distance from the attack launched last Sunday by the senator of the Northern League Claudio Borghi against Sergio Mattarella: “I would not have launched this attack against the President of the Republic, after it is legitimate to criticize Anyway, Salvini then said clear words on this subject, so for me the matter is resolved.

Meloni's Italy: more money in their pockets (and more migrants?)

The Prime Minister then briefly outlines some of the most significant measures launched by her government and the impact expected or already achieved. On the economic front, despite an extremely delicate context, “in 2023 salaries increased by 3%”, underlines the Prime Minister, who speaks of “a change of pace”. We have turned the tide, demonstrating that if available resources are used to do the necessary things, results are visible. » A link that Meloni sees with the measures taken by his government such as the reduction of the tax wedge, the reduction of contributions, the bonus for mothers. However, the performance of the country's economy is also linked to the migration issue. At least this is what the governor of the Bank of Italy (appointed by the Meloni government), Fabio Panetta, underlined barely a week ago, in his first “final considerations”. Are more immigrants needed in the future to meet the needs of society and the economy, as Panetta claims?, Mentana asks the Prime Minister. “Granted that we are the first government to have issued a decree on flows over three years, rather than one year over the next, imagine if I do not understand this problem, but the data does not say so,” responds the Prime Minister. minister. To then instead emphasize the need to fight against the network of international migrant traffickers, in collusion with Italian organized crime, he suspects Meloni on the basis of the results of monitoring the flows revealed yesterday (“The data that emerged and reported yesterday are objectively horrible”). The Prime Minister also responds to the opposition who accuses her of having sold to public opinion a decree on the reduction of waiting lists which was empty, because it lacked resources: “We are the government which put more resources than anyone else into the national health fund. : 134 billion euros, no one has ever done it”, to which we must add “500 million for waiting lists, another 750 million with the revision of the Pnrr” and again “500 million with this decree in the regions from the south to buy the machinery.

Wars on our doorstep and the narrow path of diplomacy

Neighborhood crises also exert pressure on Europe, whether we like it or not: the war in Ukraine and that of Gaza first and foremost. As the United States officially confirms that kyiv has begun using Western weapons against military targets in Russia, Meloni appears uneasy about addressing such a thorny issue just days before the European elections. “The electoral campaign does not help either in Italy or in Europe, these are issues that must not be simplified, let's not include them in the electoral campaign.” Basically, Meloni affirms that there is “a way to help Ukraine” targeted by the continuous and systematic Russian bombings against its infrastructure aimed at subjugating the Ukrainian population: by providing it, as Italy does, with anti-immigration defense systems. air defense. If this strategy works, says the Prime Minister, “it is reasonably not necessary to attack bases in Russia”, a red line on which the government still seems to stand, despite the step forward taken by the United States and most of their European allies. The fact remains for Meloni that “the only way to build peace is deterrence: if today we are starting to talk about diplomacy, it is thanks to the work we have accomplished in recent years” in support of Ukraine against Russian aggression. A passage on the “insoluble” crisis in Gaza is also necessary, eight months after its start with the massacre of October 7. How to put an end to it? “By continuing the dialogue,” says Meloni, according to whom in particular “Israel's friends must tell it that it is falling into the trap set for it by Hamas, which aims to isolate them in the region and in international public opinion . Those who believe in Israel's security must speak clearly. And peace in the Middle East can be built by working concretely now on a two-people, two-state solution. »

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