'Too much disrepair in Rome, we can't resist': the capital's historic Dal Bolognese restaurant is for sale

After more than sixty years, the historic Roman restaurant From Bologna, located Piazza del Popolo 1, is for sale: the owners have announced a change of management. Frequented by politicians, actors, writers, intellectuals and tourists, it has always been a point of reference for the capital thanks to the work of the Tomaselli family, who have now decided to sell the premises. The reason for the sale of the Roman seat is motivated by the growing difficulties in the center of the capital, between degradation and security problems. “We had been thinking about it for a while, but resisting the deterioration of the center of Rome, the square invaded by demonstrations of all kinds, populated by petty thieves and extortionists, had become too tiring,” the former owners told Dagospie. In the meantime, the Milan office, opened in 2005, continues to be managed by the historic owners: “Here we are more and more convinced. A lively city, where money flows and more fun is had.”

The history of the place

The history of the restaurant dates back to the dawn of the 20th century, when Ettore Tomaselli, an emigrant to Casablanca, began his career in the restaurant business. Back in Italy, he bought the place in Piazza del Popolo and transformed it into an Emilian trattoria frequented by illustrious personalities like Moravia, Flaiano, Schifano and international figures like Alain Delon and Jackie Onassis. The restaurant's menu has remained unchanged over time, with emblematic dishes such as Bolognese tagliatelle, tagliolini with ragù culatello Zibello, Milanese escalope and boiled meat cart. In 2005, the Tomaselli family opened an establishment in Milan, then one in Miami in 2019, with the aim of exporting the brand to the United States, a restaurant located on the Brickell Bay Tower having received a positive reception.

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