Ilaria Salis, her father Roberto, sues the young members of the Northern League for the banner under the house: “Not authorized, you are the shame of Monza”

Six young people from the League went to Ilaria Salis's family home in Monza. They unfurled a banner and had their photo taken in front of the inscription: “Abusive Salis, you are the shame of Monza”. The post, shared on the Instagram page of the Carroccio youth team in Monza, began to circulate. In a few days, the case had become national. And the father of the MEP, Roberto Salis, decided to file a complaint against the boys. The controversy broke out and the League (the adult League) took up the defence of its youth. Susanna Ceccardi, also an MEP, shared the photo of the banner and wrote: “Reporting young people who are interested in politics is a defeat!” Come on guys, move forward with your heads held high.” The coordinator of the Lombardy Youth League, Alessandro Verri, calls Salis' complaint a “despicable act of intimidation.” Even Fabrizio Cecchetti, a prominent representative of Lombardy, urges “his” boys “not to be intimidated.”

Roberto Salis' response was not long in coming: “I suggest that if they want to avoid their young supporters being exposed to the consequences provided for by the laws in force, it would be better for them to direct the demonstrations they organize towards the man or woman who, in their opinion, should be the object of their attention and not against private citizens. And I also suggest that young followers demand that those who expose them to the consequences of their actions support them because it is not pleasant to see politicians asking inexperienced supporters, even if they are from the extreme right, to take the risk of being denounced while remaining in their air-conditioned office. It is a question of style!

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