Gymnastics, former coach Stefania Fogliata accepts 2-year sentence for mistreatment of baby athletes

Former rhythmic gymnastics coach, Stefania Fogliata, accepted a two-year suspended sentence, but with the obligation to follow a rehabilitation process. Last October 18, Brescia magistrate Federica Brugnara rejected the plea request of one year, 10 months and 15 days. The coach's case ends six months after the first complaints from 11 gymnasts who accused him of aggravated mistreatment also against certain athletes aged 10 to 14 suffered since 2017 at the Nemesi academy in Calcinato, founded by the same Madness. The 32-year-old had already been disqualified for a year by the Federal Court of the Gymnastics Federation. For the victims, the investigating judge awarded a provisional sum of 2,500 euros. To each of them, the coach sent a long letter of apology. The investigating judge had defined the coach's behavior as “a daily stream of insults and humiliations” to which were added “beatings”. According to the judge, Fogliata “knew how to balance harassment and compliments, so as to create not only fear, but real psychological conditioning”, which had transformed the athletes “into automatons”, with an “oppressive and abusive” modus operandi. .

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