Giada Zanola thrown from the bridge still alive, bruises and points to be clarified: what emerges from the autopsy

The certain data that emerged from the autopsy of Giada Zanola's body is that the woman was still alive when she fell from the viaduct on the A4 near Vigonza, only to be hit by a truck. The interrogation of the intermediary lawyer Claudio Terranova requested by the Padua prosecutor Giorgio Falcone indicates the first certainties about the death of the 33-year-old woman, which further removes the hypothesis of suicide and worsens the situation of her partner Andrea Favero, in prison on homicide charges. There has never been a confession from Favero until now. Otherwise partial, according to the Padua Flying Squad agents cited by Corriere della Sera who spoke only of partial confessions. In the meantime, Favero revoked his duties as public defender and confided in a Venice criminal lawyer, Marco Marcelli. And the lawyer himself reiterates that until now “there has been no clear admission of guilt” from his client.

The autopsy of Zanola's body ruled out the presence of signs of strangulation or stab wounds. Two days before her death, the 33-year-old woman and her partner had had a violent argument. And the signs of this confrontation would still have been evident on the woman, mother of a three-year-old child she had with Favero. On Zanola's body, the medical examiner found bruises and signs that the fight had been particularly violent. The couple had been in crisis for some time. She wanted to leave her partner and had already started a new relationship. However, she was afraid of him, as she told those close to her.

The medical examiner did not rule out that Giada Zanola was not conscious when she fell from the viaduct. Investigators suspect Favero tried to poison or drug her before killing her. It will take another 30 days for toxicology test results to arrive. And doubts remain about what happened shortly before the fall. Favero says he remembers almost nothing about those moments; cameras in the area didn't show the moment the woman fell. Valuable details could emerge from the analysis of Favero's cell phone, the only one so far in the possession of investigators. Zanola's has not yet been found. In this cell phone there could be intimate videos, cited by some witnesses, with which Favero allegedly blackmailed his partner who threatened to leave him.

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