The Atalanta-Fiorentina match, scheduled for today at 6 p.m., was postponed by the Serie A League after the Viola club's general manager, Joe Barone, suffered a serious illness. The decision was taken when many supporters were already in or near the stadium. From what has been reconstructed, Barone felt unwell in the Bergamo hotel where Fiorentina were retreating before the match. According to Gazzetta du Sport, the coach reportedly felt unwell during the team's final technical meeting with coach Vincenzo Italiano before the match. After being rescued, Barone was taken to San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. He is now in intensive care and his condition is described as “very serious”. Meanwhile, the Italian coach, captain Biraghi and a delegation of other players arrived outside the hospital, grim-faced, with great apprehension. “The match has been postponed to a date to be determined,” an audio message laconically announced from the speakers of the Gewiss stadium in Bergamo, while the Lega Serie A also made the same communication on its social networks.

Who is Joe Barone

Born in Pozzallo, Sicily on March 20, 1966, Barone moved with his family to the United States, in Brooklyn, at the age of 8. After completing his studies, he began a career in the banking and financial sector, interrupted after his meeting with Rocco Commisso, the Italian-American manager who then wanted him at his side in all his entrepreneurial adventures, until the buyout of the one who manages Fiorentina. As of 2019, Barone is married to Ms. Camilla, with whom he has four children. Commisso entrusted him with the Fiorentina file since the purchase negotiations with former owner Diego Della Valle, recalls Ansa. It is Barone who represents the Viola club in the Lega councils, it is always he who personally deals with the transfer market but also with the Viola Park projects and the stadium affair. In some cases, its decisions and
These comments aroused criticism and controversy, but Commisso always took his side: “The more my managers are criticized, the closer Rocco will be to them, that’s my method,” the owner of Viola always replied.

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