Milan, the trapper Shiva sentenced to 6 and a half years for the shooting with the crew of the Rondo Da Sosa

Trapper Shiva, born Andrea Arrigoni, was sentenced today to six and a half years for the shooting that took place on July 11, 2023 outside his recording studio in Settimo Milanese, in which two rivals of the group were injured. crew of rapper Rondo Da Sosa. This was decided by the judges of the eighth criminal chamber of the Milan court at the end of the abbreviated trial. Prosecutor Daniela Bartolucci had requested that the 24-year-old woman be sentenced to a sentence of just over 7 years in prison, for the disputed crimes of attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm and receiving stolen goods, which had never been found until now. The shots that injured two close rivals of rapper Rondo Da Sosa in the legs were fired from this weapon. Shiva's lawyers instead argued that the trapper had done nothing more than “defend himself from the violent attacks” of the two boys who were then injured.

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