Among the main world newsare of particular importance presidential elections in Senegal. The first week of the change of government has passed: after the vote of March 24, Bassirou Diomaye Faye he is the new president of the country. We are assessing the situation.

The new president of Senegal: Bassirou Diomaye Faye

A few weeks ago we spoke to you about the testimony of Doauda Guye regarding the issue related to political unrest in Senegal. The Senegalese master glassmaker told us about the public order situation in this West African country. Among the main world news, the postponement of the presidential election desired by outgoing President Macky Sall stands out. Alongside the African Cup of NationsThis is why the people protested. He loudly demanded to be able to express his preference through democracy.

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Following the ruling of the Constitutional Council which canceled the postponement and forced Sall to call the vote, the elections were won by the opposition candidate. Bassirou Diomaye Faye. Becoming known as an anti-establishment candidate, Faye became the fifth president elected since Senegal's independence from France. But what is debated is also the awareness that Faye has never held a political office at the national level and that, thanks to his 44 years, he will also become the youngest head of state in Senegal.

The President of Senegal and the new political scenarios

The political victory of Bassirou Diomaye Faye projects Senegal towards new political scenarios. With the recognition of defeat by Amadou Ba – his main political competitor and outgoing Prime Minister, but also a political figure alongside Sall – his has become official. On March 24, Ba's confession arrived and the beginning of a new chapter in the political history of this West African country.

The election of Faye as new president of Senegal is meant to be discussed for a long time. The forty-year-old in fact benefited from an amnesty law to leave prison in the company of the leader of his party, Ousmane Sonko. Also, their political group, Pastef, was recently dissolved on government orders, causing controversy and friction in the Senegalese landscape. Faye, however, promises to be the candidate for change, proposing a program aimed at restoring national sovereignty. The latter were sold, according to the new president, to foreign powers. As also reportedInternational.itThe election of Faye is therefore a sort of political earthquake for the African country.

Western interest in the Senegalese political situation

Of all the news that arrives daily, that relating to the Senegalese political situation is of considerable interest to a large part of the West. We just need to think, moreover, of the former French colonial power which maintains strong international relations with Dakar. Or, to confirm what was said above, let us recall that Sall was one of the African heads of state invited to Palazzo Chigi for the Italy-Africa summit. Summit organized at the end of January in preparation for the Mattei plan, as also reported Furthermore, in February, the Italian and Senegalese governments signed a “Senegal-Italy 2024-2026” partnership program for an amount close to 105 million euros. In short, the Senegalese question is of great importance. A situation which will probably have significant repercussions on the Western world.

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