It was almost time to ring the bell: it was almost 2 p.m., and the second C of the Liceo Classico of Savona was finishing the Art History course. A student answered the question. Suddenly, she fainted: she collapsed to the ground, alarming the teacher and the whole class. But one of his companions, Simone, kept a cool head: having worked as a lifeguard, he had to face situations of this type. He therefore began to give him a cardiac massage, while giving instructions to the teacher who, in the meantime, gave him mouth-to-mouth. Those which took place yesterday, Wednesday May 22, were exciting moments. But there was a happy ending: the young woman is now safe.

The story

“The girl was talking when she suddenly collapsed and fell out of her chair – she says Ivg Simone Bocchio. – We thought it was a simple fainting. She was breathing hard, stiff and cold. It was at that time, being a lifeguard and holding a defibrillator certificate, that I started doing cardiac massage.” “We called for help. I immediately asked for the defibrillator, I positioned it but I did not activate it because in the meantime the 118 paramedics arrived and I obviously left everything in their hands”, continues the young man. “I don’t feel like a hero,” he adds, “I did what anyone would have done, it’s something that everyone should be able to do.” While Professor Valerio Rosano emphasizes: “What happened makes us understand the importance of these emergency courses. At first you don't think about it, you think it could never happen. And on the contrary, when this happens, you are ready to intervene in the appropriate way. » From now on, he concludes, the students are just waiting for their partner to return to class as quickly as possible.

Cover photo: La Stampa

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