Anyone who considers Big Brother a trashy show hasn't seen anything yet. The rooms of Canale 5's flagship program indeed seem like a polite appointment for five o'clock tea if we compare them to the new format that has landed on social networks. “The House of Mouse Children,” an explosive show that can be viewed via YouTube, is gradually becoming the phenomenon of the moment. And it couldn't be otherwise. In fact, all the ingredients to get people talking are there: the program brings together 12 TikTokers, including ten Neapolitans, who will have to live together 5 hours a day in a colorful place in Somma Vesuviana. The competitors will be broadcast live from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., and coordinated by influencer Enzo Bambolina. All taken in microphone, they will have the opportunity to interact, compare and compete. Without filters, without cell phones and without censorship. Except one request: respect others. Therefore, no to violence, insults or discrimination, under penalty of immediate expulsion.

The casting

The cast is made up of grandmother Milina Gatta and her grandson Giuseppe Anna (also known for his participation in the program he Castle of Ceremonies, in real time), Papusciello, Mucella, Francesca Squillace, Vittorio Anthony Obiechefu and Salvatore Ferdinandez. Then there is Salvo Salemi and his son Luigi, the only ones in Milan. And to complete the loop, the big names: Rita De Crescenzo and Laura La divina, among the best-known personalities on social networks. You hit the headlines with Laura's mysterious disappearance, which lasted a few hours and was documented in great detail and tears by a heartbroken Rita. But also for the video in which the latter demonstrated her affection for Geolier by giving the rapper from Secondigliano her preference for televoting Sanremo from seven different devices.

The format

The program was created by Massimiliano Triassi, owner of Max ADV, who already claims the creation of more than “150 original formats”. In reality, reality TV has drawn many ideas from the traditional Big Brother, but with some reinterpretations: instead of the confessional, for example, the protagonists will be able to say anything to their roommates in the so-called “story room”. “. To follow the episodes, you must connect to the Figli di Mouse YouTube channel. In the evening, it is possible to watch the episodes live, but you can also find recordings of previous episodes. For the first episode, broadcast on March 11, views have already reached 277,000. And they are destined to grow.

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