How to get a reduction on your bill with Gradual Protection Service

The date is approaching: from Monday 1 July, the protected electricity market will cease to exist. In other words, the prices and contractual conditions for the supply of electricity will no longer be set by the independent authority Arera, which will hand over its control to the invisible hand of the free market in April 2027. Until then, for all those under 75 years of age who are on the protected market, the transitional rules of the Graduated Protection Service will apply; for those over 75, little will change. In total, around 7.5 million people are affected by the transition. Not to mention that even consumers already on the free market can, until 30 June, re-enter the protected market and then benefit from the Graduated Protection Service (TSG) and thus obtain a discount of 113 euros per year. Let's see in detail how to proceed, as well as other questions and answers to approach the transition with complete peace of mind. To fully understand the mechanisms and more details, we refer you to our guide and manual for recognizing and avoiding scams.

What does the transition to the free market mean?

The free market is more influenced by price developments, which can rise or fall depending on events that affect them. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, bills of free market users tend to be higher than those of protected market users.

Who will stay on the protected market?

Vulnerable users, i.e.:

  • Those over 75 years old;
  • Those who find themselves in disadvantaged economic conditions, such as those who receive energy bonuses.
  • People with Disabilities.
  • Who has a user in an emergency accommodation center created following calamitous events.
  • Those whose health conditions require the use of equipment that requires electricity.
  • Anyone with a user on a small, non-interconnected island.

What is the purpose of the progressive protection service?

What is the TSG for? It guarantees a reduction of 113 euros per year to all domestic users who are part of the protected market on June 30. There is one for domestic users and one for “other uses”. Each year the discount will be adjusted according to the number of customers.

I am in the protected market, what do I need to do to access the STG and benefit from the reduction?

Nothing. I returned automatically from Monday July 1st. There will be no supply interruptions or additional charges and no signatures are required.

I am on the free market and I wish to enter the protected market to then benefit from the TSG, what should I do?

For 85% of the national territory, the manager is Enel. A specific form must be completed. To find out which operator to contact – another very present one is A2A – you can refer to this Arera page. The providers operate on a territorial basis and in the event of a change, the user will be informed personally. Here is the map with all the suppliers.

How is the price of energy calculated in the TSG?

The price has a variable part and a fixed part. The first mainly includes expenditure on raw materials which correspond to the average monthly values ​​of the national single price (Pun); the second includes distribution, shipping, taxes and overhead.

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