Gwyneth Paltrow in the kitchen in Umbria, the “torta al testo” for her husband explained in (almost) perfect Italian – The video

Gwyneth Paltrow's passion for Italy, and for Umbria in particular, is certainly not new. For years, the happy American actress has shared photos of her vacations in central Italy on social networks, often in the company of her husband, Brad Falchuk. But today he also wanted to prove to others SKILLS, those of a star now more than integrated. In a video posted on her social networks, Paltrow demonstrates excellent Italian by showing her followers what she prepared today for her beloved: “Hello, it's Saturday, the day of boyfriend and breakfast», the actress accompanies her followers. Before showing a typical Umbrian bread, eggs and bacon, with which she prepared a delicious breakfast in Falchuk: the “torta al testo”, explains the actress herself, a dish as poor as typical of the regional cuisine of Umbria. For the actress, it turns into “head cake” and eggs into “eggs.” But thanks to the dreamy view of the Umbrian hills, Falchuk will certainly have closed his eyes.

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