On the historic Milanese scene, a comedy with New York flavors is the ideal opportunity to support the Milanese association Ai.Bi. – Children’s friends

The stage and audience of the Carcano Theater in Milan

Theater also takes the field to protect every child's right to raise a family. Thursday May 16, 2024in history Carcano Theater Of Milan on the Corso di Porta Romana, Saxofone Tuttospettacolo srl stages the comedy in three actsLittle misdeeds on Broadway», from the DonAttori theater company, located in the famous Manhattan district. The double show, in the afternoon (at 4 p.m.) and evening (at 9 p.m.), will result in a significant donation to the Milanese association Ai.Bi. – Children’s friends. An opportunity not to be missed to enjoy the magic of theater for a good cause.

The Ai.Bi project – Amici dei Bambini

Ai.Bi. is a movement of adoptive and foster families, based in Mezzano di San Giuliano Milanese (MI), which has been operating in Italy and 34 other countries since 1986 through international cooperation, foster care and international adoption projects. At. Bi. fights every day alongside millions of children growing up in orphanages around the world, to fight againstabandonment emergency. In 2002, she received the Budget Oscar in the Development Cooperation category and in 2005, the Nonprofit Budget Oscar and the Special Prize for Transparency and Richness of Information. It was the first Italian NGO to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification for international cooperation and remote support projects.

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From Broadway to Milan, the show at the Carcano

Little misdeeds on Broadway» takes spectators on a journey back in time, among the thousand lights of Broadway in the 1950s. Here, director Jack Wilder, after winning the prestigious “Tony Award” for two years, wants to make history by obtaining the same award for the third time in a row, and to do this he calls on brilliant directors and to clever producers, eccentric actresses suffering from neuroses and addictions, dangerous unscrupulous gangsters, ex-boxers and disturbing showgirls. Together, they will offer the audience hilarious situations and an absolutely surprising ending.

For more information about the show and purchasing tickets, contact 02.36746232

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