From Ljubljana to Lake Bled: on the road in Slovenia in the new 100% electric European SUV

The capital of Slovenia it was the starting point of the trip organized by Ford understand the meaning of the new SUV with zero emissions Blue Oval House.

The route – around 200 kilometers on motorways, extra-urban roads and hilly roads – took us through the picturesque landscapes Villa FabianiAt the heart of Karst40 minutes from Triestebirthplace and residence of the architect Max Fabiani (1865-1962), and one of the most important cultural monuments of Sloveniathen to the scenography Lake Bled drive the 100% electric Ford Explorer.

The Ford Explorer in the color “Arctic Blue” with suggestive silver and blue highlights. (phone: Ford)

The car has a special meaning for Fordbeing the first electric vehicle developed, designed and produced in Europe especially for the market Old world.

This model, equipped with high-efficiency electric motors and a range of more than 600 kilometers on a single charge (26 minutes), is in fact the first vehicle manufactured in the new factory. Ford Of ColonyIn Germany (THE Cologne Electric Vehicle Center) after an investment of 2 billion dollars.

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Ljubljana, the beauty of the East

Picturesque and quiet Ljubljana – with a historic center that can be visited on foot, full of evocative baroque buildings, markets, cafes, restaurants, wine bars, a romantic river that runs along the Ljubljanica (and it gets livelier especially in the evening) – you can’t help but be immediately fascinated. The “test drive” started from here Ford Explorer.

With its historical charm, its captivating artistic landscapes, its luxuriant nature, Ljubljana attracts many tourists every year (many Italians) for its typical countryside atmosphere, the cultural effervescence of a large city (it has just under 280,000 inhabitants) and the welcoming spirit that reigns in the region. Slovenia.

Ljubljana and its characteristic central stone bridge of Tromostovje, the Triple Bridge. (phone: iStock)

You are fascinated by its river, crossed by several bridges, each more graceful than the last – like that of Shoemakersor the Ponte dei Butchers (here we often tie the locks of love), that of Dragons (Zmajski the most) and especially the Triple bridge. But also of Ljubljana Castle, which stands on a hill and offers breathtaking views; from the famous “Prešeren Square» ; of Tivoli ParkTHE Snovik Spa and the many natural beauties.

Behind the wheel of the 100% electric Explorer

There Ford Explorer It is parked in the center of Ljubljanaready to be “put to the test”. Looking at it from the outside, one immediately gets the impression of being in front of a car with a “muscular” design reminiscent of American off-roaders. The almost flat front end features fascinating LED headlights L reversed.

The front end, almost flat, has a vertical development with the LED headlights, in the shape of an inverted L, placed at the ends and connected by a black molding bearing the writing Explorer. (telephone: Ford)

Created above all to meet the needs of European families, the 100% electric explorer born from synergy with Wolfsburg and the Volkswagen Group by adopting the platform called “MEB» (Modular Electrification Buildings, “Modular Electrification Platform”).

There Ford Explorer it is available in 125 kW/170 hp, 210 kW/286 hp or 250 kW/340 hp, with the top version having two motors for all-wheel drive and the other two versions with a single motor on the rear axle.

As soon as you enter the cabin, you feel like you are taking a “leap into the future.”Ford has profoundly revised the infotainment software to offer the driver a better user experience”, underline the managers of American house.

At first SUV of the fully electric C segment Ford in fact, all the advanced technologies are there: the pivot of the infotainment system (the Synchronization movement) is the central 14.6-inch touchscreen, adjustable in height with a variable inclination of 30 degrees. And which hides a “secret drawer”.

The technological heart of the car is represented by the connected infotainment “SYNC Move”, equipped with a 14.6-inch touch screen. (telephone: Ford)

On board ofExplorer (4.47 meters long and over 2 tonnes) there is room for five passengers (and their luggage).

But how does it behave while driving? Tested over a few hundred kilometers on the roads of Slovenia in the most powerful variant and in the richest configuration, the “Prime“, L'Explorer with zero emissions, it is bright and agile.

But also very comfortable. Thanks to the certified ergonomic seats Agr; to the soundproofing of the passenger compartment and to the (15) advanced driver assistance systems (Adas), offered as standard, such as adaptive cruise control with lane keeping or Clear exit warningdesigned to help prevent accidents with cyclists.

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Arrival in Bled, one of the most beautiful places in the world

The fascinating Lake Bled, about fifty kilometers from the center of Ljubljana. (phone: Ford)

After about fifty minutes from Ljubljana – between motorway, extra-urban roads and narrow streets – the landscape of Lake Bled it opens like a postcard, a little paradise. Not by chance Bled was tagged by Planet alone as “one of the most beautiful places in the world”.

The great protagonist here is precisely the blue lake – of glacial origin – on which the plethnetypical boats that transport tourists to the islet where it is located Church of the Assumption of Mary. All around stretches the green of coniferous forests, protected by the summits of Julian Alps. And the Explorer “fast red” color to steal the show for a moment.

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There are many activities to do during a trip to the lake: from a canoe experience with a former Olympic champion to paddle boardsfrom a rowing boat ride to a refreshing swim and a circular walk around the lake.

Canoe trip on Lake Bled. (phone: Ford)

In addition to sunbathing and relaxing on the shore, the more intrepid can also try the Zipline 4 kilometers (the longest)'Europe) in the middle of the woods of the protected area Natura 2000 Park with Dolinka Bled.


L'100% electric explorer It is available with rear-wheel drive (Rwd) than the integral (all-wheel drive) – the latter equipped with a double engine. Prices start from 49,000 euros for the Extended reach (286 horsepower) to reach 52,500 euros for the complete Extended Range All-Wheel Drive 340 horsepower.

The Ford Explorer in front of Lake Bled. (phone: Ford)

Those who want to save will have to wait until the last quarter of the year, when Ford will add the 125 kW version with 52 kWh battery for 384 kilometers, at a price of 41,500 euros.

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