“In our community, it is unthinkable that someone would show their name on the map and it is not consistent. For us, it is a parody of citizens. It's not about Schlein, but also about Meloni and other leaders. Doing it to acquire a few additional votes is unthinkable for us. I will not be a candidate.” Thus, the leader of the 5 Star Movement Giuseppe Conte attacks Elly Schlein, who has just announced her candidacy for the European elections with the Democratic Party, while the Democrats discuss the possibility of also include the secretary's name in the party symbol Conte's reference is to the concrete possibility that Schlein's name could only be used to attract votes and then give way, after the polls close. to the second most voted candidate, as she herself mentioned when announcing her candidacy: “I will be here in Parliament.” Identical logic that Antonio Tajani is preparing to apply for Forza Italia (he will certainly not give up the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs to become an MEP) and, in all likelihood, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni herself.

The symbol of peace

HAS In half an hour by Monica Maggioni, the program that belonged to Lucia Annunziata (also now candidate of the South Democratic Party), Conte then makes some announcements on the M5 list. First of all, it presents the symbol that voters will find on the ballot paper, in which the hashtag “peace” stands out under the well-known logo of the Movement. The comment from action secretary Carlo Calenda, entrusted according to tradition to X, was not long in coming: “What a shame, the exploitation of the word peace, which in this case means capitulation before a fascist dictator. The essence of indifference. Disgusting,” writes the former Minister of Economic Development bluntly. Conte then launches one of the names of the five stars for the next European Parliament, that of the former footballer Morace. “Carolina Morace, a sportswoman, a footballer who, in addition to having broken numerous sporting records, exploded all stereotypes, broke molds in a predominantly male environment,” proudly announces the former Prime Minister.

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