Sting on influencers and content creators, huge tax evasion of 11 million: Luis Sal and Gianluca Vacchi also involved

The Bologna financial police discovered a total tax fraud of 11 million euros by nine influencers and content creators who did not declare to the tax authorities the proceeds of their activities on social networks and platforms such as Onlyfans . Among them, writes La Stampa, the influencer Gianluca Vacchi, Giulia Ottorini, Eleonora Bertoli and according to Bologna Today also Luis Sal, former partner of Fedez at Muschio Selvaggio. The financial investigation continued between 2021 and 2023 along two axes. The first involved four influencers, followed by 50 million followers in total. Two of them would have been completely unknown to the tax authorities. Just like five content creators, active in paid web services. For three of them, the yellow flames reported to the Revenue Agency the application of the additional income tax payable for the production, distribution, sale and performance of adult material, including in multimedia format. The total amount of the surcharge is approximately 200 thousand euros which, according to the provisions of the 2006 budget law in which the surcharge was introduced, are intended for interventions in favor of entertainment operators. Once discovered, the financiers explain that most influencers “were largely collaborative, quickly adhering to the conclusions collected and paying the sums owed to the Treasury. Only in certain cases – explains Fiamme Gialle – have they reserved the right to carry out more in-depth investigations, before continuing the procedure with the financial offices.”

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