There is a precedent with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Joe Biden's announcement about the possibility of using American-made weapons to strike Russian territory. And, together, Moscow's suspicions behind the fires and sabotage in Europe. Vladimir Putin's threats of world war are leading the world towards escalation. And Russia is starting to think about an atomic test (on its territory). To give a signal to the world. And in the United States. The “demonstrative nuclear explosion” was proposed by Dmitry Suslov, a member of the Foreign and Defense Policy Council, a think tank close to the Kremlin. And this comes just as Russia announces tactical nuclear weapons exercises on the border with Ukraine. After the “Western provocations” denounced by the Tsar.


Republic says that the Russian site Journalist he highlighted how “the 'Western partners' are demonstrating that they no longer care at all about our nuclear triad as a deterrent.” For this, a “demonstrative nuclear explosion” would be necessary. Which, according to Suslov, would serve to “confirm the seriousness of Russia's intentions and convince its opponents that escalation is ready.” For a “policy of containment and deterrence”, he explains. Indeed, “the political and psychological effect of a mushroom cloud, which will be broadcast live on all television channels in the world, will remind Western politicians of the fear of nuclear war.” Suslov clarified that the explosion should not take place in Ukraine but on neutral or Russian territory. For example in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, Arctic Ocean, where the USSR carried out its nuclear tests until 1990. Last November, Putin also revoked the ratification of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

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