Danilo Bertazzi, the reasons for saying goodbye to Tonio Cartonio from Melevisione: “I was sick, but I still feel guilty. Forgive me” – The video

20 years have passed since Tonio Cartonio left Melevisione forever, one of the characters most loved by those who were children or a little older in the 2000s. The Rai3 program has been very popular and one of the reasons was precisely the character of the elf played by Danilo Bertazzi who, however, on February 5, 2024, with the broadcast of the episode Tonio's exploit, left the show and plunged thousands of children into despair . who were accustomed to his magical and fairy tales. “Why did you leave?” is the question that the children of the time, now in their thirties, keep asking him over and over again. “Why did you leave us?” adults ask themselves today, remembering this farewell with sadness. And Bertazzi, a television actor and author, now 64, has finally explained the real reasons for his decision. Misunderstandings with the director, personal considerations, an illness which had weakened him. Not an easy choice, nor for economic reasons or other projects on the horizon: “So much so that I didn't do anything for two years, it took me two years to come back to TV. I paid for this choice,” he explains on TikTok. But that's not why he apologizes today to his young viewers of the early 2000s, whom he led by the hand of Fantabosco for 5 years “I feel guilty when I see Tonio's farewell because I know that I caused you a disappointment and I apologize, forgive me”, he says today. Today with a smile and her voice a little broken by emotion.

Heart Disease and Surgery

Bertazzi explains today that there was no reason why his relationship with her ended Television. But there were several, and the final decision was his. After several second thoughts and a sleepless night, the one that precedes the official communication in the Rai offices. “I was grabbed by the hair and had my first heart operation,” the actor says immediately, “it changes your outlook on life, it makes you think about another meaning of things. But I remember that I was in the hospital and I was very afraid of being replaced, of never returning to Fantabosco.” Bertazzi, still hospitalized, called the authors and the producer to reassure them about his state of health. health and ensure that he would be reinstated as soon as possible in the team “I came back while I was still not well, the authors had invented a story about Fantabosco's illness so I could lie down. in bed with my pajamas because you should know that under my pajamas I still had all the cannulas for the infusions that I did every day”, recalls the television author, who later directed Trebisonda and worked with Geppi Cucciari , “but My desire was to return, lest I be removed from the program and never return to Fantabosco.”

The relationship with the director and the existential crisis

But in fact, there was not a single reason for these goodbyes. “A fundamental thing for us, actors, is to feel loved, the need to be confirmed, reassured. I had a wonderful relationship with the first director of Melevisione, perhaps also because we were starting an adventure together which we did not know how it would unfold, there was a great complicity and a great affection”, reveals -he today, “with the second director I didn't feel so loved or protected and so I always had the feeling that he only cared about me because I was already there and he could not do otherwise.” Bertazzi then explains the difficult coexistence between Tonio and Danilo, the character and the person: “I was losing Danilo, for everyone I was Tonio, even at work and even at home. And even if Tonio is made up of Danilo, the character took possession of my life and my person.” And then Bertazzi stops and bursts out laughing: “Help, I’m causing damage!” Guys, I need to get back to analysis,” he jokes with me. followers.

The last episode

After a sleepless but decisive night, Bertazzi announces his final decision: he will leave the program. But he cannot leave his little spectators without explanation. And this is how we must record the farewell episodes, the ones that still make him feel guilty watching them today, to prepare the children for his exit from Fantabosco. “It was just to give an explanation about Tonio's farewell, about why Tonio would no longer be there to talk to them”, “I didn't leave because I had another work option, I didn't work for more than two years. And then immediately after that, this hoax about my death was made public, which maybe I'll tell you about one day.”

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