It is an unfortunate historical fact which marks the 2024 European elections in Italy: less than half of the voters went to the polls, highlighting a growing disaffection towards European institutions, or even, more generally, towards voting. With the exception of 2004 and 1999, participation in European elections has shown a steady and gradual decline over the years. This year's turnout was 49.7%, five percentage points lower than in the previous election round in 2019, when turnout was 54.5%. And it is in the South that abstentionism prevailed most clearly, with a participation rate which reached worrying levels.

Sicily and Sardinia

In Sardinia and Sicily, for example, a participation rate of less than 40% was recorded, while in Calabria it barely exceeds 40%. In Basilicata, Puglia and Campania, the turnout rose to around 43%, while Abruzzo and Molise recorded 47% and 48% respectively. Figures which seem to paint an entirely (or almost) Italian picture. Data from other European Union member states confirms a slightly positive trend, with a voter turnout rate of around 51%, slightly higher than the 50.7% in 2019.

The League conquers Patriciello's Isernia

Isernia, in Molise, is the land of victory of the League, according to partial data published by YouTrend. For the moment, it is the only province where Matteo Salvini's party is in the lead. A result largely due to the contribution of MEP Aldo Patriciello, who has already collected more than 3 thousand preferences (more than one vote out of two in the Northern League) and who could have the possibility of going, or rather of returning , in Strasbourg. By broadening our view, Fratelli d'Italia appears to be the leading party in 12 regions. Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Campania, Puglia and Basilica are, however, colored Democratic Party red.

Forza Italia takes Sicily and Calabria

Forza Italia is, however, the leading party in Sicily with a surprising 23%: a percentage which is more than double that obtained at the national level. With only 500 seats out of the 5,304 remaining to be counted, the party led by Antonio Tajani leads with a solid lead of 4 points over Fratelli d'Italia. In left-center field, the M5S outperforms the PD by a point and a half, recording an encouraging 16% to 14.5%. Meanwhile, the League is gaining ground, approaching 8% support. Forza Italia also takes the lead in Calabria.

It's a party at the headquarters of the councilor for productive activities Edy Tamajo, in the seaside village of Mondello, in Palermo: “This success is the fruit of hard work, dedication and support of our voters. Thanks to all of you, today we are celebrating a victory which represents not only recognition of our commitment, but also a new start for the future of our community”, comments Tamajo, close to Governor Renato Schifani, who thus wins the comparison with his junta and party colleague Falcone, Maurizio Gasparri's heir apparent in Sicily.

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