The scents of street food that invade the elegant avenues of Delhi or the bustling streets of Mumbai, the pleasure of a massage overlooking the tranquil lagoons of Keralaor sip spicy tea overlooking Jaipur's colorful architecture.

The pleasure experiences that make a stay in India unforgettable are condensed, from April 23 to 28among the rooms of the St. Regis Florence, awarded in 2023 as the first hotel in Florence by Best prices in the world of travel and leisure 2023thanks to the second edition of Celebrating the Taste of India. The celebrations will be preceded by an opening evening (by invitation) on Monday April 22, with the theme “Journey through India” with regional street food stalls, traditional dance performances and henna tattoo stations.

Chef Ritu Dalmia, the queen of spices

The flagship of the experience is the cuisine of the famous chef Ritu Dalmia of the Citizens of Milan and of Atrangi Dubaiwho decided to use the elegant rooms of the hotel's Winter Garden restaurant as the setting for one of the country's most popular social moments, the thali (at lunchtime), while for dinner an à la carte menu will allow you to choose from lesser-known recipes from Indian tradition, revisited with a modern touch.

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THE thalioften served on a circular metal tray, is a unique dish in which tastings of different dishes, such as pumpkin ki sabzi (pumpkin flavored with a mixture of garam masala, ginger, turmeric and chili spices), accompanied by a side dish, like a traditional dish makhani made from legumes, butter and cream, or lake ka dum aloomade from new potatoes.

Chef Ritu Dalmia

As tradition dictates, the raita a cream of yogurt and spices), rice and puff bread parath malabara, typical of Kerala. In the evening, among the offerings not to be missed, a tribute to the origins of the chef, the malai chingria Bengali curry made with tiger shrimp and coconut milk and flavored with spices.

Sips of India: the chai ritual

New this year, compared to the previous edition, is the addition of holistic experiences including the tea ritual, perfume Chai an integral part of Indian daily life, specially designed by the hotel's Tea Sommelier Elena Matéï.

The surprise dedicated to the guests is called Sticky chai, a blend of roasted Indian black tea to which will be added a series of spices considered particularly beneficial by traditional Ayurvedic medicine, and obviously cane sugar for caramelization. All topped with orange blossom and rose water (floral notes very popular in the subcontinent) then, for those who wish, milk according to tradition.

In the evening you can enjoy a proposal more suited to the times, a spicy reinterpretation of the signature cocktail of the St.Regis Florence, the Brunello Bloody Marywho will be joined throughout the week by Bombay Mariewith notes of coriander and cinnamon.

Finally, we must not forget the well-being ritual: the hotel's Spa Suites will offer a Pinda massage based on hot pads, lasting 60 minutes, which involves the use of herbs and essential oils to stimulate energy centers and reactivate muscles, providing a feeling of strength and vitality.

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Celebrating the Taste of India – Indian Food Festival

From Tuesday April 22 to Sunday April 28
Lunch: Thali menu, 40 euros per person, excluding drinks and desserts. Dinner: a la carte menu
Pinda massage: 200 euros.
For information and reservations 055 27163770, e-mail

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