Another twist in the race for regional elections in Basilicata, and certainly not the last. Domenico Lacerenza, head of the ophthalmology department of San Carlo di Potenza chosen by the Democratic Party, Movimento 5 Selle, +Europa and Alleanza Verdi Sinistra, withdrew his candidacy. “After careful consideration, I wish to communicate my renunciation of the candidacy for the presidency of the Basilicata Region”, explained the doctor, “it is a decision taken with absolute serenity and also in the interest of the political forces which wanted offer me. I had given my availability, but I cannot fail to note the reactions that followed.” Giuseppe Conte also spoke of Lacerenza's backtracking, speaking on the sidelines of a meeting in Herculaneum: “In Basilicata, the shooting was unleashed on the person we had found, who had the right demands and who now seems to have given up.” According to the leader of the 5 stars, the now former candidate of the progressive front in Basilicata was “shot dead, like me when I became Prime Minister”. In other words, Lacerenza would have been a victim of “current games, local games”.

Calenda: “Amateurs in the running”

After the announcement, barely three days ago, of the big names in the coalition, Azione made it clear that he would not support Lacerenza, preferring to pursue another strategy with his local interlocutor, Marcello Pittella. Several personalities from the Lucanian Democratic Party had also expressed their doubts about the choice of the primary, until the turnaround on Saturday March 16. Lacerenza was the compromise name chosen after the No 5 stars to Angelo Chiorazzo, first choice of the Democrats on whom there was no veto from Action. Even if Lacerenza has now taken a step back, it is not certain that an agreement will be found for a Lucanian edition of the Wide Field. The first comment after the doctor's withdrawal was that of Action leader Carlo Calenda, certainly not tender: “Amateurs in the running. Another political masterpiece from Conte with the PD at his side.”

Italia Viva alongside Bardi

If the progressive front now finds itself forced to start from scratch for the choice of its candidate, the center-right coalition receives a new entry. Following a programmatic agreement, Italia Viva decided to support the outgoing governor Vito Bardi, of Forza Italia. “We are running on his list to promote the civic, centrist and moderate space,” specifies Raffaella Paita, national coordinator of the party founded by Matteo Renzi. “The vast field – adds Paita – gave itself an indecent spectacle with constant changes of candidates and little respect for Basilicata and its future”. In response, more or less indirectly, to the leader of Italia Viva, Giuseppe Conte, who, once again on the sidelines of an event in Herculaneum, comments: “We will never be in Basilicata with the families who ruled for 40 years , we will not support them, I say this to whoever insults us during these hours.

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