Assassination of Pio Maimone, the confrontation continued on social networks: “Mergellina red zone for you from Barra, we will cut off your head”

Threats against the rival gang, post with aphorisms and photos of actor Al Pacino in Scarf. The clash between the Valda and Aprea families of Mergellina and the boys from the Traiano and Soccavo districts, which, according to investigators, resulted in the assassination in Naples of 18-year-old Francesco Pio Maimone, unrelated to the quarrel, continued in the following days on social networks. The death of the young aspiring pizza maker did not curb the aggressiveness of the two rival communities, on the contrary it was received with little or no indifference. “Let’s drink to life in prison,” read one of the posts published by anonymous profiles after the 18-year-old’s death. This is what emerges from the trial of Francesco Pio Valda and his accomplices, including friends and relatives, who, according to the prosecution, concealed the escape of the 20-year-old from the scene of the shooting and made them disappear the weapon, which was never found. Again. During the hearing today, June 5, the results of the social media surveillance activity carried out by the Naples Flying Squad were also brought to the Chamber which, coordinated by the DDA (prosecutor Antonella Fratello) , took care of the analysis of the videos collected during the monitoring of systems acquired in Mergellina. The threats appeared mainly on Facebook and TikTok and were widely shared in circles close to the families involved: “Mergellina red zone for all of you from Barra” the posts read, “don't let them find you from Barra. . They will cut off your head.

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