AS Roma's (unofficial) version of the employee fired after a young player posted a video of himself at red lights is based on three points. The first is that the 30-year-old's protagonist partner is another Giallorossi employee (who has also been fired in the meantime). Who would be, in addition to the partner, also the young girl's direct superior. The second is that the relationship took place inside the Fulvio Bernardini sports center in Trigoria. And both of those circumstances would be against company policy. Finally, there is the third point: in the video, there are conversations that would violate the professional ethics of the employees. Because judgments would be made on other workers at Friedkin's company. The baby Giallorossi who circulated the video did not receive any sanctions, however.

The silence of society

He is a foreign boy who has been playing for the Giallorossi youth team for three years. He has been called up to the first team three times, without having yet made his Serie A debut. The dismissal dates back to November 9, 2023. The letter is signed by lawyer Lorenzo Vitali and human resources business partner Arianna Sorrentino. Meanwhile, lawyer Francesco Bronzini denied the circumstances of the speeches about co-workers at the end of the red light video. The employee told company executives that she did not want “to be treated like a criminal.” And on Facebook, the day of his dismissal, he wrote: “On the corpses of lions, the dogs celebrate, thinking that they have already won. But lions remain lions and dogs remain dogs. Hello dogs. See you soon”. Now he writes Republic, the woman would be ready to report everything. Even from a criminal point of view. Starting with the footballer.

The football baby's confession

Daily fact in the meantime, he lets it be known that the baby footballer admitted to having stolen the video from Vito Scala, great friend and former coach of Francesco Totti as well as manager of the club. The confessions date back to October 4, 2023. At the time the video was already circulating. The player in tears said he borrowed the girl's cell phone (to call his agent). And that he started looking for him, perhaps because he knew he was there. Then he passed it on first to himself, then to his teammates. The dismissal took place without the knowledge of Scala, who in the meantime appears to have fallen out of favor with the company. Which has launched a layoff campaign and currently has disputes with staff for 15 million euros.

Violations of professional ethics

It should be noted that the letter sent to the employee does not contest the violations of professional ethics mentioned in the company's unofficial response. And this could be important in the perspective of a dispute before the employment judge. Although it seems true that both men mentioned a work issue in the video. However, lawyer Bronzini is seeking an agreement to avoid court. Theft and sharing of the video constitute offenses punishable by complaint with penalties of up to 6 years and fines of 5 thousand to 15 thousand euros on the basis of article 612 ter of the Penal Code on the illicit distribution of sexually explicit images or videos. The same penalty applies to anyone who transmits them later. For this reason, a possible investigation would likely lead to a huge seizure of cell phones in Trigoria.

Disciplinary initiatives

It should be noted that the club has not provided any explanation, even on possible disciplinary initiatives against the player. Who would have admitted to having broadcast the video, and therefore an offense against employees that the company had an obligation to protect. In recent months, the victim's lawyer and the Giallorossi club have sought an agreement for the reinstatement of the 30-year-old player, without finding it. This is why the legal route now seems to be the only possible one.

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