From April 20 are expected on the beach of Pinarella di Cervia, 50 delegations from around the world and more than 250 wind artists and international aerobatics champions.

Under the direction of artistic director Caterina Capelli, this year's edition, the 44th, promises to be a record edition which, dedicated to Emilia-Romagna Region, wants to celebrate its rebirth after the floods last spring. The event chooses a theme each year and that of the 2024 edition is, symbolically, the pink flamingo: emblem of regeneration, for returning to populate the salt pans of Cervia, after having abandoned them due to the temporary unlivability of their waters.

Numerous meetings, guests, workshops and collateral events which not only talk about art, culture and traditions linked to the world of kite flying, but which are also committed to promoting a value system based on inclusion, respect and dialogue.

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