Antonio Decaro “studies” for the European Championships: the advertisement of the mayor of Bari in a language course – Video

“Sorry dad, but if you win the European Championships, what should you do with languages?” In Antonio Decaro's advertising spot to launch his electoral campaign for the June elections, the mayor of Bari is at the table with his daughter who expresses all her concern. But her father tries to reassure her: “Don’t worry, I’m studying.” Decaro is a candidate for the European Parliament for the Democratic Party: “In Europe, they will finally hear the voice of the South”, is the slogan which closes the advertisement. However, the languages ​​that Decaro is learning to become an MEP are not those of Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid or Dublin. In the video we see the mayor of Bari trying his hand at Calabria, Campanian, Molise, Lucanian and the inflections of the other provinces of Puglia. That is to say all the regions of the Southern constituency of these elections, where Decaro is a candidate.

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