Alice Gennaro is 20 years old and attends the fifth year of high school at the Marconi Technical Institute in Prato. But she is also the first voice actress with Down syndrome in Italy. THE National newspaper today she tells her story: she is the voice of the protagonist of the film Valentina, which won the Goya Award for best animated film. In the interview with Silvia Bini, Alice explains how she succeeded: “I never gave up. I worked hard and studied very hard.” Because “sometimes it was difficult but I managed it.” Thanks also to his family, who “was always close to me, at the time when we were recording in Rome , it was nice to all be together. They give me so much strength and love every day.”

Alice explains that “Down syndrome is not a limitation, it is an opportunity. I work on self-acceptance every day. I would like to help those who don't feel capable of doing great things and I would like them to understand their own needs and qualities, we all have them.” As an adult, she says, she wishes “to be a photo model for luxury brands. Now I discovered that I also like dubbing, in general I really like the world of cinema and fashion.” But now there is school: there will be graduation in June. I really like the school I go to, I feel welcome there, it hasn't always been like that.”

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