Who is Claudio Pallitto, Micaela Ramazzotti's new personal trainer who was with her at the restaurant and fought with Paolo Virzì

Claudio Pallitto was also present at the restaurant in Piazza Albania in Rome where the Carabinieri and Ambulance 118 intervened due to the argument that broke out between director Paolo Virzì and actress Micaela Ramazzotti. Pallitto is the new partner of the actress, who separated from her husband about a year ago. She is 39 years old, six years younger than her, and as a personal trainer she runs a gym in the Appio-Tuscolano area. Several famous people are said to frequent this gym, including Totti's children, Cristian and Chanel. A fan of Rome and Roma, Pallitto is also a regular at the Curva Sud de l'Olimpico.

Pallitto became a public figure after his participation in 2011 in the Mediaset program “Tamarreide”. With a swollen physique and lively manners, the 39-year-old stood out in this reality TV show with maxims in dialect such as: “Because I'm crazy, if I go alone…”. The following year, he also tried his hand at cinema. Pallitto managed to get a role in a Virzì film, “All Saint's Days”. Ten years later, the personal trainer shared the filming of “Drought” with Ramazzotti. His film career also continued with other directors. He played in “I stop as much as I want ad honorem” by Sidney Sibilia and “The Champion” by Leonardo D'Agostini. He can also boast of having starred in “Felicità”, Ramazzotti’s first film as director.

Ramazzotti and Pallitto have been dating publicly since 2023. Since then, they have shown each other on social media in explicit declarations of love. In particular, he wrote of her as a “special and immense” woman, in return she called him “my love”. And while dishes and big words were flying at the restaurant last Monday, Pallitto would not have remained on the sidelines, taking the side of his new partner with his ex-spouse. At least until the police arrive.

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