“RedBird Fund IV and its subscribers own 99.93% of AC Milan; the remaining 0.07% is in the hands of individual Italian shareholders who are long-time fans of the Club. The idea that RedBird does not own neither controls AC Milan is absolutely false and is contradicted by all evidence and facts, including those which purport to form the basis of the investigation.

This is the statement from a RedBird spokesperson regarding the transfer of ownership of the Elliott fund from Milan, the subject of checks by the Milan public prosecutor's office and searches at the club's headquarters.

“When we took control of the club after the closing – explains the RedBird spokesperson – Elliott granted a loan to RedBird with a maturity of three years and without voting rights”. After all, “Our goal is to bring Milan back to the top of Serie A and European football and everything else is stopping us from achieving that goal.” In any case, he warns, “there are no ongoing discussions with any investor likely to exercise control over the club. RedBird is the majority owner of Ac Milan and will remain so''.

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