“We can even laugh at God”

Pope Francis met with comedians from around the world at the Vatican, saying joking about God was not heresy. While meeting Italian and international comedians, including American artists such as Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Fallon and Chris Rock, the pope even clowned. gesture saying that it would be more comical than his speech.

“I look at you with esteem, the artists who express yourself with the language of comedy, humor, irony. What wisdom is there. Among all the professionals who work on television, in cinema , in the theater, in the written press, with song, on social networks, you are among the most loved, sought after, applauded Certainly because you are good, but there is also another reason: you have and cultivate it. gift of making people laugh. Pope Francis said this while receiving comedians and comedians.
“In the midst of so much gloomy news, immersed as we are in so many social and even personal emergencies, you have the power to spread serenity and a smile. You are among the rare to have the ability to speak to people people very different from each other, from different generations and cultural backgrounds,” he added.

“Your talent is a precious gift. With your smile, it spreads peace, in hearts, among people, helping us to overcome difficulties and bear daily stress.” “What I am about to say is not heresy,” but “remember this: when you can make intelligent smiles come from the mouth of even a single spectator, you make God smile too.”

“Can we even laugh at God? Of course it's not blasphemy.” We can laugh, he explained, “by playing and joking with the people we love. Jewish wisdom and literary tradition are masters in this area! This can be done but without offending the religious feelings of believers , especially the poor.

“Humor does not offend, it does not humiliate, it does not pin people down to their faults. If today communication often generates contrasts, you know how to relate different and sometimes even contrary realities. we need to learn from you! humorous laughter is never “against” anyone, but is always inclusive, proactive, arouses openness, sympathy, empathy.”

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