The Campi Flegrei super-villa purchased by Geolier: panoramic view, sauna and terrace with swimming pool

The strong emotional bond that unites Geolier to his native country is no mystery and is now also manifested by a new real estate purchase. The success of recent times has not weakened the rapper's passion for the Neapolitan landscapes, and even bradyseism does not seem to have succeeded: the singer has in fact bought a huge villa in the Campi Flegrei, a district of the Neapolitan region which has recently been the hot topic due to the continuous earthquakes that disrupt the daily lives of the people. A phenomenon that the Minister of Civil Protection Nello Musumeci attributed to the “criminal policy” which allowed, because of laxity, lack of controls and more, the construction of hundreds of buildings and housing for decades.

The villa

The house into which Geolier, who is preparing to abandon his current house in Secondigliano, will move, is located in a private park on Via San Gennaro Agnano, in Pozzuoli. Until a few days ago, the building appeared among the advertisements of Knight Immobiliare, which specializes in luxury properties. The villa extends over 400 square meters, has three floors connected by a spiral staircase and a splendid panoramic view of Capri and Nisida. Inside, it is relatively sober: walls total whitea living room with kitchen life and huge windows. There are 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms but also a gym, a relaxation area with hydromassage and a Finnish-style sauna. In addition to an outdoor area of ​​1,500 square meters, including gardens and terraces, one of which has a swimming pool. Although Geolier has not publicly announced the purchase, many are already complimenting its choice on the real estate company's social profiles.

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