Who knows if he dances or flies. It's impossible not to wonder when Roberto Bolle is on stage. On stage with l'Étoile, boundaries blur and even classical dance joins other genres, from pop to rock. There's all this and more in “Viva la Danza”, the event show created by Roberto Bolle will be broadcast on the occasion of International Dance Day next Monday April 29, in prime time on Rai1.

Designed by Bolle to celebrate the art of dance in Italy, created thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture, “Viva la Danza” will above all be a great celebration of all genres of dance, a great gala organized within the show Florentine musical Maggio theater in Florence. Produced by the management of Rai Entertainment, in collaboration with Ballandi and Artedanza srl, the show was presented this morning in the Spadolini room of the Ministry of Culture.

“I am an admirer of Roberto Bolle, he gives us ideas that we try to appropriate and put into practice. Ideas like this show, an exceptional event that serves to highlight something highly educational like dance,” explained Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano. during his speech.

“This program is certainly a great declaration of love towards dance in general – said Roberto Bolle -. We, professionals, have always celebrated the international day, but it is nice to share a moment so special for us with the great behind the scenes, we will also tell the spectator our point of view, it is certainly a new look at the world of dance and another way of telling it. The choice of Maggio Fiorentino has a great symbolic value, it. “is one of the last closed ballet companies in Italy and it is important to move on from there.”

The original format designed ad hoc by the star for the occasion includes a large gala in the center structured as if it were the famous “Roberto Bolle and his friends”. Some of the brightest stars of the international terpsichorean scene borrowed from the gala, from Teatro alla Scala star Nicoletta Manni to Tatiana Melnik, to the young Italian talent working at the Royal Ballet in London, Marco Masciari, to 'to the students of the dance school of the Teatro alla Scala academy. But it's not just classical dance: many genres are represented and enliven the theater. All types of dance, from hip hop to swing, from Latin American to tap, in every corner of the Florentine musical Maggio.

Bolle called on a few artists from the world of music, cinema and television to whom he entrusted parts of the story. In fact, among the guests there were also more “pop” names. There is Katia Follesa, a versatile director who controls, commands, advises and, if necessary, exercises all the trades so that the show can always and in any case continue, with mastery and a lot of irony. There are the two hosts of the documentary, Fabrizio Biggio and Valentina Romani, who, led by the hand of Roberto Bolle himself, enter the belly of the Theater and from a privileged point of view, on stage, in the dressing rooms, in In the rehearsal rooms, they observe, learn, discover the magical world of dance, and marvel with the audience.

There is Francesco Pannofino, a sort of “Phantom of the Opera” who breathes with the theater and tells his deepest thoughts. And finally there is a duet with Elodie. It is to his music, sensual and energetic at the same time, that Roberto Bolle's dance can be compared. The music is original, produced by Taketo Gohato especially for the program entitled “We are dancers at heart”. Also this year the audience in the room will be made up mainly of young students from dance schools all over Italy.

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